Despite looking like an abandoned relic from the 1970's, a rusty soda machine in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is kept fully stocked by an enigmatic caretaker who makes sure that the secrets of the machine's "Mystery" buttons remain hidden.

No one is sure who installed the machine at the intersection of John Street and 11th Avenue East, yet it seems to have sat there for as long as most locals remember. The dated beverage vender offers a run-of-the-mill (if limited, by today's standards) selection of name brand sodas like Pepsi, Coke, and Barq's Root Beer but also features two buttons simply marked "Mystery." While the conventional thinking would lead many to think that it just randomly dispenses one of its drinks, the mystery button seems to be much weirder, spitting out a selection of other random drinks not even advertised on the machine. Even stranger, no one seems sure exactly who still owns and stocks the machine.

While the cans of soda are kept current, at only 55¢ a pop, the price of the drinks is as wonderfully dated as the mystery machine itself. Do you know who owns this strange Seattle relic? Please tell us in the comments!

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Image Credits: James Allenspach, ario_